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Black Lava Boulders
Eastern California quarry
Materials shipped on pallets anywhere requested.
Regional and nationwide shipping from one boulder to full loads.
Black Lava boulders are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from 12 inches to 6 feet or more in size. Black Lava boulders have been one of the most difficult to find materials we sell, mostly because of the way black lava formations are created. At least in the Western USA mainland black lava bed formations are not geologically formed in a way to get material much larger than 12 inches. Some, day I will post an interview with a lava rock quarry operator who can explain the. Finding a quarry with a large range of black boulders and then hauling it to a processing location has been a huge effort. Our extensive and unique selection of individual lava boulders and quarry direct shipping ability for large orders will give your landscape or building project the perfect look you are looking for. We also offer special discounted pricing by truckload.

Black Lava Boulders