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Mega Boulders
Regional American Quarries
There are projects and or buyers who want the biggest boulders possible, mega boulders are 22 tons or larger and if you have the money and the job site has the logistics to work with, then we can make it happen.
Granite, basalt, grabbo, marble, limestone, dolomite, lava are among the best choices for strong mega size boulders.
Presenting, stylish and classical Petrified wood tree logs and planks for your very own house or farmhouse, depending on your landscape design. The word in itself in a real sense interprets “Wood turned to stone”. Petrified Wood Log is a sedimentary stone made out of generally silicate minerals like quartz silica. Fossil Wood can take any shape of a plant for all intents and purposes and be seen everywhere. It's a beautiful addition to your landscape design because it has unique features that are one of a kind. We have a variety of them in boulders and slabs form choose according to your landscaping ideas.

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Giant boulders for sale Mega Big Granite Boulder 1

This giant granite boulder would be a serious center piece in a commercial or residential landscape

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price Per Pound $29,000.00 Arizona Quarry
Inflation Fighter Sale $29,000.00
Mega Large Boulders